6 Keys to Improving Teacher Growth and Retention with Video Coaching

The Institute of Education Sciences recently released the results of a study into the efficacy of video coaching at approximately 100 elementary schools in 14 different districts. It found that five cycles of video coaching improved both teacher practice and student achievement. Those effects were most pronounced, on average, among teachers with five years of experience or fewer.

How Video Coaching Inspires Teacher Self-Reflection

The Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township has been successfully using video in our teacher professional learning for more than seven years. According to our recently retired former superintendent, Dr. Matt Prusiecki, the return on investment has been “tremendous” because “the entire district team is more reflective on practice, we’ve increased teacher retention, and most importantly, raised student achievement by improving the quality of instruction.”

10 Tips for Video Coaching for Districtwide School Improvement

I became superintendent at Jackson Public Schools in Mississippi in 2018 at a time when the district was underperforming and facing state takeover. With a solid strategic plan, we were able to improve the culture and instructional practices of our district, improve two letter grades on the state accountability system and maintain local control of our district.

The use of exemplar videos and video-based coaching played an indispensable role in our school improvement. Here are 10 tips to get the most out of video coaching that we learned along the way.

Teaching Channel’s EMPOWER Platform Wins Tech & Learning’s Best of 2023 Award

Teaching Channel’s EMPOWER Platform is a professional learning product that brings together resources and tools that teachers, instructional coaches, and school and district leaders need. Judges said: “This solution can be of great value to save time and improve teacher success and evaluation. The ability to have a library of resources and examples help with a district’s mission to give high quality instruction.”

We Turned an Underperforming District Around with Video Coaching

In the 2017-18 school year, Jackson Public Schools was facing a takeover by the state following some pretty striking studies and reviews that revealed several major issues, chief among them poor student achievement. As part of the effort to improve student outcomes and maintain local control, the district engaged community members and stakeholders to begin laying out a path to address issues such as district culture, staffing, and instructional practices.

How Video Coaching Helps Us Support Teacher Growth and Retention

At the Van Winkle Early Childhood Center within Jackson Public School District in Mississippi, we enroll students for one year to prepare them for kindergarten. Family engagement is critical to a student’s success throughout their academic career, so we also help prepare families to support their children every step of the way.

6 Keys to Effective Video Coaching in a Title I District​

As a Title I district, Jackson Public Schools has faced many of the same challenges as most districts educating students living in an urban environment. Our scholars come from all walks of life. Some of our scholars live in stable homes, and some do not.

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