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Lavinia Group enables transformative change through services that achieve academic growth in math and literacy. We’re passionate about creating equitable opportunities for all students by developing the skills they need to tackle grade-level content. 

As former teachers, school leaders and administrators, we know the key to excellent student outcomes is to invest directly in the professional development of teachers and school leaders. In every school engagement, we provide our client partners with hands-on, immersive, side-by-side support. In doing so, our team builds capacity and capabilities in schools that can be sustained long after working with us. 

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Products and Services at a Glance

We are committed to achieving measurable improvements in instructional practices and learning outcomes in all that we do. 
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Consulting Services

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RISE Summer
School Program

Comprehensive & Ready-to-Implement

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Instructional Coaching

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(Core & Supplemental)

Math, Literacy & Social Studies

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Professional Development Institute

Math, Literacy, Curriculum & Writing

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Summer RISE Program Impact

Lavinia Group Credentials

Students Helped
District and Charter School Networks Supported  
States Impacted
Consulting Engagements
Students Helped
26 0,000+
District and Charter School Networks Supported  
States Impacted
22 +
Consulting Engagements
165 +

What Districts and Teachers Have to Say

The cover of the K12 Coalition Summer School Efficacy white paper.

Summer School Efficacy White Paper

Learn how 2,300 students across 106 urban schools made astonishing gains in math and ELA performance in just 5 weeks through attendance at RISE summer school.

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Service Area A: Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Forecasting and Planning

Recruitment Campaigns

Licensure Programs for Paras and Subs

Access to our New Teachers Pipeline

Career Pathing Solutions

Skill Development Solutions


Service Area B: Professional Development 

Video Coaching and Self-Reflection 

Professional Development Courses 

New Teacher Programs 

Teacher Institutes 

Video Library Subscriptions 


Service Area C: Student Learning Acceleration 

Audits, Analysis and Solution Planning 

RISE Summer School Program 

Supplemental Curricula 

Teacher Coaching 

Institute Courses for Teachers 


Service Area D: Continuing Education 

Graduate-Level 1-3-Credit Courses 

Learning Pathways and Certificates 

Master’s Degree Programs 

Doctorate Degree Programs 


Service Area E: Leadership Solutions 

Strategic Planning 

Equity Consulting 

Leadership Coaching 

Custom Packages